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Will The “REAL DIABETIC DIET” Please Stand Up

October 27th, 2008

One of the Most Commonly Asked But Unanswered Diabetic Questions
“Why do I find that some of the “Top 10 Foods that Diabetics should not eat” are often found in many “Diabetic Recipes” —that are published for Diabetics? 

This is a question that I get asked from our most successful members, who are watching everything they eat and are well on their way to “Defeating Diabetes Naturally.” 

While no answer is simple or short, here are some thoughts on why we are seeing this discrepancy.

The answer is about the intensity of the situation of each Diabetic person and the diet program that is needed to successfully address that situation.

 To be overly simple let’s divide a group of type 2 diabetics into Three (3) basic categories and we talk about each one.  For simplicity, we will limit the discussion to concerns about Blood Sugar and Weight (BMI, Body Mass Index.)   

A Severe Diabetic Diet

For People who display more serious diabetic symptoms (let’s say that this group might have very high blood sugar readings, excess pounds and a profound lack of exercise in their program):

  • Clearly the list of foods provided by a dietitian will probably be far more restrictive.

A Strong Diabetic Diet

For People whose medical advisors have labeled them adult onslaught type 2 diabetics and are managing their situation with drugs, exercise and a diabetic diet (typically they might have a fair amount of excess weight to lose, and maybe lacking a strong exercise program):

  • Again, clearly the list of foods provided by a dietitian will probably be restrictive, but will invite more foods into the mix in limited amounts. 

 “A Strong Maintenance Diabetic Diet 

For People whose medical advisors might have labeled them as Pre-diabetic or people who have been successful at regaining control of their lives and have lowered their readings through a program of Life Style Management (including a healthy Diabetic diet, weight management and nutrition):

  • For this group, what they eat is still critical but the list of foods provided by a dietitian could be far more open to a much greater mix, yet still carefully managing the amounts of these additional healthy and nutritious foods. 

One of your best sources of help and guidance is your Registered Dietitian. At Proven

Results Health, we always suggest that you find a qualified dietitian or nutritionist with extensive diabetic experience, and work closely with this person. 

Many dietitians also suggest that you add natural healthy supplements to your routine. Diabetic supplements, clinically-proven at reputable institutions, show that your diet and exercise results can be accelerated, providing 3X the benefit of diet and exercise alone.


Get a free 600 healthy recipe Cook book and a natural herbal supplements to help by promote normal blood sugar levels, weight, and proper insulin function.

‘What can I expect when I start taking DIAB-X and how will I know if it’s working?’

June 14th, 2008

First you need to understand that Diab-X is an all natural product, non-allergenic, caffeine-free, vegetarian product. It meets or exceeds U.S. Pharmacopoeia standards and is manufactured in accordance with GMP (Good Manufacturing Procedures) and is GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) affirmed.


Here’s is some typical comments from our members and their testimonials and the research:

After the first week or so of taking Diab-X, you’ll start to lose interest in eating. Out of habit you will find yourself opening your refrigerator but you’ll find you are no longer hungry.After 30 days of taking Diab-X, you’ll start to notice your weight going down. Not just any weight, but diabetic fat. Diab-X attacks your fat cells not muscle tissue (as many other supplements do)After about 40 days, you should find that your blood sugar readings are spiking lower – your overall readings should start to be making new lows. That’s great! After 40 days, you should find you have more energy, not jitters or nervous reactions but a new level of forward momentum! After 90 days, you should have a 7% weight loss and a blood sugar level that’s considerably lower, and energy that you have not seen for a long time.

 Take control of your life by destroying diabetes now!  

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I have relatives and friends that are diabetic and Their Suffering Makes Me Want to Cry!”

February 11th, 2008

Past Diabetes Does Not Equal the Future; Diab-X can help create a Diabetic free future for yourself.


Seeing your loved ones and friends suffer from Type 2 diabetes – blindness, amputation, respiratory problems, reduced energy and even death, is sad and frightening. Diabetes often runs in the family so when you see a relative suffer, you know this could happen to you.


Link Diab-X the your new Future.  If you have just been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes or you have just been diagnosed Pre-Diabetic, there are steps you can take to stave off this awful disease. Of course, diet and exercise are excellent.


But, I also recommend Diab-X to keep you FREE and off the path of your relatives and friends.  Start with replacing your lost chromium. Remember, high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) is in just about every food you eat. And HFCS steals chromium from your system, setting you up for a diabetic condition. This is one key benefit of Diab-X.


You and Diab-X can create a future with out the Diabetes that we see.  Start now, break the chain, and you can and the help of Diab-X and prevent these terrible problems before they occur.

Stay Off the Needle!